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/!\ This is the 2016 student project version of Skybolt Zack. Not the actual game available for PC and Nintendo Switch /!\


What you will find here is early an version of Skybolt Zack. You can find the actual game's page on Steam, the full game and a demo are available on Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/909670/Skybolt_Zack/

And Nintendo Switch: https://www.nintendo.com/games/detail/skybolt-zack-switch/


Skybolt Zack was born as a student game developed in 2016 for a graduation project at ISART Digital in Paris.
The goal was to develop a 10 minutes long game during the school year with a team of maximum 8 students.

It has been used as a proof of concept prototype for the full game and should only be taken as this.

It obviously doesn't reflect the quality of our full game since even though the core concept is the same,
a loooot of changes have been made in the 2 years we spend in development after graduation!

Here's a list of the biggest changes:

- Complete graphic style change, including Zack's character design and animations.
- Complete rework of the game's code, the actual game runs much better than the student version!
- Rework of the level design, with 48 levels in the actual game and branching paths in the map.
- Many gameplay tweak, including the suppression of the Focus Gauge, addition of Grey Enemies that you hit with a parry attack and lots of new enemies!
- Many options, including the possibility of customizing the colors of the enemies for color blind people or to match your gamepad's buttons.

Thanks again for giving our student's work a try! Have fun!

The announcement trailer for the final game is here:


Skybolt Zack is a fast-paced arcade platformer, with a gameplay twist inspired by the color based system of many rhythm games.
Rocket Punch through one enemy to another and destroy everything that stands in your way! Blast the music out with your increasing combos!
Easy to pick: press the button with the same color than your target to rush at them with a Rocket Punch.
Master the Rocket Punch and the dash, do combos, never touch the ground, go as fast as possible to get the best score and unlock the most challenging levels!

With this game, we want players to feel powerful and give them the will to go beyond their limit by always rewarding players who are improving!

Awards list:
- "Best Student Project" Ping Awards 2016
- Finalist at MAGIC 2017
- "Best Indie Game" at Indie Games City 3
- Finalist at Indie Game Prize Singapore 2017
- "PC Game of the Year" at TheRookies.co's contest
- "People's Choice Award" at FLIP 2017
- Finalist at MAGIC 2018
- "People Choice Award" 3rd place at Stunfest 2018
- "Best Indie Pitch" at Big Indie Pitch Brighton 2018
- "People Choice Award" at Brighton:Develop Conference 2018
- "Jury Prize" at Indie Game Nation 2019

Thanks everyone for your support!

Our prototype was a Graduation Video Game made at Isart Digital! School: ISART DIGITAL, the Video Game and 3D Animation / VFX School

Platform: PC / Engine: Unity 5
Number of players: 1


Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(14 total ratings)
TagsArcade, Colorful, combos, Music, Post-apocalyptic, Prototype, student-game
Average sessionA few minutes
LanguagesEnglish, French
InputsKeyboard, Gamepad (any)
AccessibilityInteractive tutorial



Install instructions

  • Download the complete game folder on your computer
  • Launch SkyboltZack.exe

If the download doesn't work, check the pop-up

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The game is a little bit fast for me, but it makes a lot of fun.

If you encounter a problem when trying to load a level, it's because old save files from previous versions can mess with the new build.
Just erase your save files from the option menu.

Whoah ! It's an alpha but it's already very fun to play ! I can't wait to have my hand on more ! :D

3D TV VR box google cardboard video side by side sbs stereoscopic 3D


You guys done it again, Im surprised I missed this, but I finally got the game down! so yeah LOVE IT FOR SURE the action was amazing the button mashing, I really have high hopes for this, and hopes it gets completed, you guys never cease to amaze me, as I always forget that you are all from the school not like.. ISART MADE it per se just like the Devs are from that school -I can never get it right Im sorry!- Lol but I had a blast Please PLEASE finish! haha 

Current Team :

Producer : Maxime JEHENNE Game Design & Programming : Ugo ROSINI Game Design : Bruce WILLIAMS Game Art : Julien JESTIN and Gabriel TUROT Game Programming : Aurélien PERRUCHOT Music & Sound Design : Aina ANDRIAN

Original Team :

Producer : Victor BREBANT Game Design & Programming : Ugo ROSINI Game Design : Bruce WILLIAMS Game Art : Maxime BENETEAU, Julien JESTIN and Gabriel TUROT Game Programming : Léo MOUROT Music & Sound Design : Aina ANDRIAN

Very cool! Quite a mind boggle though.