Brand new demo is here!!

Hi everyone!

We're proud to present you the latest version of Skybolt Zack's demo! There's a lot of new content and a brand new art style, so let me introduce everything point by point :

- New art style, with more detailed textures! The demo only shows World 1 and it will only get better with time as it's only 80% finished.

- New levels! Forget the older levels you have played, and discover 4 levels and the new 3 steps tutorial.

- New mechanics! Grey enemies that can't be targeted by Rocket Punches, Wall Bouncing, new WIP enemies in the last level...

Of course a lot of things are still work in progress, we are currently working on texturing World 3, doing props for World 1, redoing Zack's model and animations and modeling new enemies. So expect a few more updates in the next few months, but mostly cosmetic!

Now go get those S Rank medals!!

Thank you so much for playing our game ;)

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May 25, 2018

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