Last update for our prototype!

Hi everyone!

This is (normally) the last update for our prototype version, before we get to the next level, with upgraded graphics and some new gameplay mechanics!

So here what's new in this version :

- no Focus gauge, you keep your attack charged until you release the button and don't have to wait for the Focus meter to refill before charging a new attack.

- Tweaks in level design to help preventing players from going back in the levels unknowingly.

- The "Thank you for playing" message is now displayed after Level 3. You can still try the boss if you want by selecting it directly from the Stage Select. (This was made to keep the boss away from beginners as we don't have the time to tweak it to our satisfaction)

- Fixed the "infinite death" bug that occurred when a played died and got a "wrong color" at the same time.

Some bugs are still here though :

- Keyboard control works, but you can't remap the keys.

- Leaderboard doesn't save the names and scores, only the rank displayed on the Stage Select.


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Jul 26, 2017

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