Demo update : new languages!

Hi everyone!

It's almost been a month since our last update here as we are working on things that must be kept secret for now... *teasing intensify*

But we have do have new features we wanted to share with you :

- New languages! The game is now playable in French, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, German and Italian!
It's mostly Google trad for now, so if you find any typo please send us an email.

- Tweaks in Level Design.
Some of you send us feedback concerning a few things in level 1, so we tried the suggestions and were able to add some of them in the current version.

We're also trying to make the player more aware of it's remaining HP, so now every time you get hit, they are displayed under Zack. He also blink red when he has only 1 HP left - no beeping sound à la Zelda though : your ears are safe!

Please continue sending us your thoughts, it really helps!

Until next time!

Maxime and the Devs Must Die team.

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Oct 09, 2017

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