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Graduation Video Game
School : ISART DIGITAL, the Video Game and 3D Animation / VFX School

An emergency call echoes throughout the base: the C2 terraforming station is completely out of control! Play as the Twin Cores, two mighty synchro-drones, and fight to eliminate the frenzied machines!

Platform: PC, PS4
Engine: Unreal Engine 4.26.2
Number of players : 2
Genre : Rail-Shooter in Co-op 

Twitter https://twitter.com/twincoresgame

Producer : Alessandro CAVALLARI
Game Art : Clément RIGAUX, Antoine COSTE, Tanguy THIEBAULT, Romain FOURNIER
Game Design : Amandine FRADIQUE, Samuel GAY, Maxence QUENEDEY, Thomas ROGULSKI
Game Design & Programming : Gabriel MASSÉ, Gabriel NIVAUD
Game Programming : Marceau GAULT, Antonin JOUANY
Music & Sound Design : Pierre DAUNIS

Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(5 total ratings)


Twin Cores_2022.zip 626 MB

Install instructions

- Download the compressed file
- Extract the file
- Launch TwinCores.exe


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(2 edits)

The game is unplayable on keyboard because we don't have AZERTY keyboards here...


Windows + Space can toggle keyboard's region

(2 edits)

The game is playable in both AZERTY and QWERTY configurations without any changes.

Player1: ESDF for movement, R for shooting, X for barelroll

Player2: IJKL for movement, O for shooting, N for barelroll

Backspace to pause the game, directional keys to navigate in the menus.

I recommend you make the video public. It says private video.


Hi KMKALY, it's public now !