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Graduation Video Game
School : ISART DIGITAL, the Video Game and 3D Animation / VFX School

A child must lead his favorite toy through his room and help him face the dangerous toys of his brother. Two players team up: one player uses a PC and plays as the child; the other uses a HTC Vive and plays as the toy. They must cooperate and communicate to find the treasure of Pirate Island.

Platform: PC + HTC Vive / Engine: Unreal Engine 4 
Number of players: 2

Producer : Arthur BRICOUT
Game Design : Louis AUBEL, Mathieu CASNIN
Game Art : Charly KOKX, Damien TOUTTEE, Paul LE QUERE, Dan Cezar COCA, Jean-Baptiste DESSAUX
Game Design & Programming : Baptiste  MENARD
Game Programming : Johann  SEYS, Christophe AVALLE
Music & Sound Design : Fabio CENTRACCHIO

Install instructions


Download the complete game folder and launch ToysWar.exe.

2 PC in network. One is equipped with the HTC Vive.

In the game's creation menu, there is the IP address of the current machine.
The VR PC has to host the game and note the IP address.
The player RTS has to use the IP address of the host and click to join.


Right's controller trigger to shoot
Left's controller trigger to use the tool (interact with locks when snapped)

Directionnal arrows/ QZSD or move the mouse to the edge of the screen to move the camera
Space to reset the camera's position on the toy
Drag'n drop with left click on the toy or legos/kaplas to move them
Hold right click and move the mouse to turn the camera


Toy Island: a VR adventure 1 GB


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