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Super Chicken Catchers was initially developed as a student project at ISART Digital, the Video Game and 3D Animation / VFX School.  The team then decided to create its own studio, White Smoke Games to improve the project.

As the rider or the mount, team up with a friend... to catch the Chicken of course!

Welcome to the wackiest tournament! In this crazy action coop game, a team of two players compete against another one. In each team, one player is the mount, the other is the rider. Both have very different yet complementary abilities. To win they will need to catch the chicken and run away from the other team in order to score points and become the Super Chicken Catchers!
 Play on a couch with your friends or online to show off your skills. Split, regroup and pass the chicken at the right time, use your environment to flee, chase or fight your opponents and try to master the duo complementary abilities!

•   Steam : https://store.steampowered.com/app/869750/Super_Chicken_Catchers/
 •   Website : https://whitesmokegames.com/
•   Facebook : https://fb.com/superchickencatchers
 •   Twitter: https://twitter.com/SCC_Game

Platform : PC (console later)
 Engine : Unreal Engine 4
 Number of players : 1-4


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does the game come out when?

Hey, the game should come out in 2019! Sorry for the "little" delay... you know how it is, just enough time to gather some more chickens.


You're god damn right