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Graduation Video Game
School : ISART DIGITAL, the Video Game and 3D Animation / VFX School

Team up with your partner to catch as many chickens as possible in a 2v2 multiplayer arena. In each team, one player plays as the mount who chases the chicken; the other player is the rider and must catch the chicken with his yo-yo.

Platform : PC / Engine : Unreal Engine 4
Number of players : 4

Producer : Paul-Emile LE REUN
Game Design : Maxime BODIN, Rafael  LOPES
Game Art : Benoit RICHARD, Sylvain LACERES, Etienne POV, Marion CHABROL SUPT
Game Programming : Alexis COEURDEROY, Yanis HAMEL, Ilyes OUHABI LESURTEL
Music & Sound Design : Elissa MLEIEL

Upcoming Video game - Scheduled for 2018


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does the game come out when?