A downloadable game for Windows

Graduation Video Game
School : ISART DIGITAL, the Video Game and 3D Animation / VFX School

You are Sticky Boy. When you activate your power, your body becomes floppy and your hands and feet become sticky.

Platform: PC / Engine: Unity 5
Number of players: 1

Producer : Clément MARCHE
Game Design : Xavier DAVID and Merlin ISMET
Game Art : Lucas LEGER, Robin MAULET and Aurélien ZAFRA
Game Design & Programming : Chloé BERTHEVILLE and Camille FERANDOU
Game Programming : Paul-Emile LE REUN
Music & Sound Design : Gregoire MOUSSEAU


Rated 4.1 out of 5 stars
(15 total ratings)


StickyBoy New version 275 MB
Sticky Boy

Install instructions

  • Download the complete game folder on your computer
  • Launch StickyWeaver.exe

If the download doesn't work, check the pop-up


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can i use keyboard & mouse? for lets play

what are the controlls

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Well of but does not work

someone would ask how I click download this mobile site wyskakyje thank you for downloading and I do not collected

a fun game but can not get it to download it

There is a "blocked pop up" problem with chrome, maybe try with firefox or look if it just that Chrome blocked the pop up of the download.

Cant seem to get the download to work any suggestions or alternate download url?


Hi ! What is exactly the problem ? You can't download it or you can't launch the exe ?

The download wont work, ive tried it in firefox and chrome both and just doesnt seem to work. The popup starts like the download should be starting but then nothing happens. For some weird reason its ALL the ISART downloads dont work, not sure why. All the other DLs on the site are working for me fine which is why its so weird. I disabled all popup blockers and addons and like i say tried it in another browser as well with no addons installed and it still didnt work.

it's one hundred percent awesome without stupid keyboard users why? becaues they'll rage


What a bullshitery , i can't play with keyboard?!?!?!?!?


Hello MrGigPL, we apologize: the developer in charge of this feature was eaten by a bear. If you want to send flowers, tell us and we will send you the adress.


i have this slight feeling your being an asshole but my gut says you might be telling the truth............................................ you mind fuck


Fuck you


Really interesting and cool game! :D A whole lot longer than I thought it was going to be :) HUGE PLUS!!

Stay Rad Everybody and Thanks for making this cool experience! :)

Thanks RadiCarl ! Regarding the "hacky" feel, it sure will be one of the first things we will improve if we find time and money to make it a bigger game. For now we're working on a patch that'll improve the user experience and fix some bugs too. See you !

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I loved this game as well! almost as much as I enjoyed Lily color of santa Luz! this game was a great experience here is my gameplay! keep up the good work!


Thank you Syphon ! Your video and all the others really gave us a boost to finish working on a little patch/update of ours, that we'll release soon. Keep up the good work !

I am glad that I helped, it means a lot that you guys take the time out to watch as well :) its just so cool that you guys can make games! and I just figure since I love Games why not play them! haha was a fun experience, also if their is an update, I can't wait till I see what you guys do with it :D

Absolutely love this game! Such a juyful and playful platforming adventure. Did a little playthough (didn't get all the beans though!)

Thanks for the kind words, we're happy you had a good time with our game !