A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Graduation Video Game
School : ISART DIGITAL, the Video Game and 3D Animation / VFX School

In Spike, play as a cute little hedgehog. You need to interact with your environment in the forest in order to progress. You must hide and protect yourself. Be smart and find your family!

Platform : PC / Engine : Unity 3D
Number of players :1

Producer : Chloé SABY
Game Design : Adrien JOUANNET, Tom LACOTE
Game Art : Chloé TAUREAU, Ludovic CHATIN, Emilien MORISSET
Game Design & Programming : Cindy ASSELIN de BEAUVILLE, Théo BOULANGER, Julien CARDOUX
Music & Sound Design : Alvynn DIAGNE

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars
(12 total ratings)


SpikeUnderTheLeaves[Windows].zip 120 MB
SpikeUnderTheLeaves[Mac].zip 138 MB
SpikeUnderTheLeaves[Linux].zip 133 MB

Install instructions

  • Launch the game's .exe


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Cute game.


really cute !

"It's a wonderful, wonderful game..."
Thank you

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It is a wonderful character ^ ^
It was a warm heart as a whole, I enjoyed chillin.
However, for such a mountain road of nature, is not the traffic of car too much? :)

I kept breaking the game D:

Other than that this game was adorable and I loved the idea of this whole game! I will try to play it again.

Oh my god this is so cute I'm gonna die T_T

This was an amazing experience from start to finish ^^ I thought there would be horror elements to it, but I was pleasantly surprised to not find any (pretty much because I do not like horror >.>).

I LOVE the rolling mechanic, but...and this might just be an unfamiliarity with hedgehog behavior...do they actually use leaves like that?

In any case, I covered the game on my channel. I hope it helps get this discovered more!

Ce jeu est dans la sélection des titres présentés par Game Side Story. Enjoy ! :)

This game was so freaking adorable! I did a small gameplay video on it and I'll admit half my commentary is just squealing, but it was so cute and fun! I'll leave a link to my video below and I'd really apreciate if you found the time to check it out! Such and adorable gameeee! 

Are there any instructions on how to play this?

From watching part of the walkthrough it seems to presume you have a gamepad, but makes no mention of it on this page. And there are no options in the game for remapping the keyboard or even what the controls are.

I love minimalist games, but please give me a leg up! :)


Hey Chris,

Sorry for the inconvenience, you can play the game with a gamepad or with your keyboard but there are no remapping options.

Here are the controls :

RollRight JoystickLeft/Right Arrows
MoveLeft JoystickW/A/S/D
MenuStart ButtonEscape
Screenshot*Select ButtonF1

* screenshots are saved to the following path "SpikeUnderTheLeaves_Data\StreamingAssets\Screenshots"

Hope you will enjoy the game ! :)

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Also, what is the "shake butt" keyboard control? It seems like the little critter is doing it constantly and I cannot get any leaves to stick.


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I am came across Spike  Under the Leaves last night and did a video and I have to say that I am very impressed with the mini game. Great graphics, great little story and very well produced.

Tahnk you and enjoy

Thanks for playing the game, we hope you enjoyed it ! :)

Thank you. 

Yeah, I thought it was superb and loved every minute of the game. I think it has potential for growth to be honest but that's entirely up to you guys.

Good Luck.






Never seems to not amaze me an ISART studio game, man this takes me back to like Lily and StickyBoy, its been some time and glad yall are back with some great games, look forward to me projecting them all! haha as per usual, I hope yall enjoy this gameplay! I had a blast playing, solid graphics, serene music, as I expected no less from my fav devs~ thank you guys for making it, and giving me the experience!

Thanks for your video and the compliments !


Such a pretty game! Such a solid frame rate! Yall did a great job!

Thanks for your walkthrough, hope you enjoyed the game ! :)