A downloadable game for Windows

Graduation Video Game
School : ISART DIGITAL, the Video Game and 3D Animation / VFX School

You’ve only precious moments before time collapses onto itself to save your family. Warp, jump and rewind through time and space - and pray that whatever lives between it doesn’t notice you.

Platform: PC
Engine: Unity
Number of players: 1
Genre: Narrative/Horror 

PEGI : 12

3D Creature Artist / Enviro / Props, Textures : Aiden BALON
3D Enviro / Props / Texture / Anim : Noura BENCHEKHA
Game Designer / Scripter : Vincent BIAGINI
Game Designer / Scripter : Timothé CORMIER
Level Designer / Narrative Designer : Guillaume LOURENÇO
Narrative Designer, Voice Actor, Sound Designer : Thomas ROMPRÉ
Game, Sound, Narrative Designer : Gabriel ST-AUBIN
3D Enviro / Props / Textures : Nicolas SAUDE

Install instructions

  1. Download compressed folder 
  2. Unpack it to an empty folder 
  3. Double click on Reminiscence.exe to launch the game


Reminiscence_Build.zip 1 GB


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Tried out the game!

Hey! I included your game in my latest Itch.io Horror Games video! The part with your game starts at 13:28! Hope you enjoy the video if you end up watching it! Cheers!

That was really good.

nice scares, a little confusing the way it just drops you in but I should have paid more attention to the broadcasts. 

Tiiiiiiiiiiime is on my side. Yes it is.

Really good game, the jump scares got me good then you start to unravel and discover that there is a pretty sad back story behind this game

The game froze my pc twice making me have to reset. What a trash piece of software. People don't download buggy as puck.

you just have a shit pc

not a pc issue on this one because even when I load up games that are beyond the ability of my pc they will still load and run like shit but they will let me into to the game. The computer I am currently playing on is about the level of an xbox360. Also I played some pretty graphic instensive games on this computer games like remember me and tomb raider 2013 worked on here. So it is not a question of a shit pc in this case it is a question of shit made game

this was a fun little short experience, some of the jumpscare were very effective, i think the one that really got me was were the time travel creature was at the edge of pov as if it was tryna get us from behind, that jump scared really got me. the game was really fun and interesting overall. keep up the great work familia!

This game is the most phenomenal horror game I have ever played on this site


Was not expecting this to be so damn good,!

This is one hell of a interesting game, thanks for the awesome time!

Full Playthrough No Commentary


Me and my pal Jacob played this game together and we enjoyed it even though we nearly sped through the story. We still got the jist of it though as it was very well shown. 

My review is it's a fun little mystery and an interesting story for sure.

was such a great game!! I loved the idea behind it and it was well put together!
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This game gave me a couple of scares and some confusion where to. The best thing the atmosphere of the game is perfect wish I can experience more and switching between time is freaking awesome. This game is good to me and the graphics is nice playable. Thank you for this scary experience


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Saw this game featured on Steam and was surprised that it was free. The developer brings the concept of time travel into a horror story that feels refreshing. Also, the are A LOT of scares! Well done dev!


The game's interesting and has some nice moments in it. I kind wish we had more opportunity to use the commercial grade time traveling watch. Though I'd most likely tone down the jumpscares frequency a bit. Otherwise, nice game.

Here's my channel for other games I have played. http://www.youtube.com/c/Levont

The game's super cool, but I think it's bugged out on my computer or something — after I use the basement clock and go back up the stairs, the entire hallway is pitch black and when I walk through it, I just fall through the floor.


Не скажу что совсем не понравилась игра,из плюсов только наверно то что она бесплатная
из минусов это баги,нет руссика и настройки игры не работают,а ну да он нестрашный.
Время прохождения 17 минут


wow really good game I do have to say, I must be crazy cuz I wish it was longer, the jumps in this game are the best ones in a long time 

Good job and I cant wait to see what's next.


honestly scared the living crap out of me... would play again

Качественный инди-хоррор, хорошая работа!

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A really good game! It got me several times!

actually a successful game, a little less background story. Unfortunately, the end is not very informative either! The idea and implementation of the game are great: a timetravel journey through the jumpscare hell !!!

Great game.

Really captured a creepy atmosphere with subtle details.

Jumpscares were on point and got me every time.

Thanks for the great game, ISART

We loved the game! Had so much fun playing it! 

I was screaming for two reasons: 1) a very creepy monster. 2) Max Caulfield (if you know what I mean).
Loved the game (but it took me forever to find out the code at the end) 
Starts @ 1:41:50

I had SO much fun playing this! I am an absolute sucker for time and I would loose my mind if I had a full fledge version of this game!! Also the scares seriously got me 🤣🤣🤣 thanks so much for making this one! 

This was such an amazing game! Loved the fresh and unique take on horror with the time variable! It was awesome! The scares were also really great! Really made me feel like I was hallucinating and losing my mind!

Really good game this some random events keep you on your toes I loved it.

Good atmosphere, interesting concept and design, good voice acting and just an overall good game and experience. My only issue was I found some of the notes hard to read because I couldnt zoom on a couple of them too well. But apart from that good job and I'll like to see this extended on.

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Every single jumpscare got me 😂

The graphics and premise are really cool, great work! 

weird guys

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did not work froze my computer both times I tried to run it.  had to power off and restart both times.

Cool game but I broke it several times so I wasn't able to finish it :(

You guys have made an excellent horror game right here! I played it just before the update so I wasn't able to see the latest and greatest polished version 😭, but it was still good!

I made a let's play video on it, and I hope you enjoy! (Y'all went crazy went the jump scares so headphone warning lol) 

This was fantastic! I really enjoyed the narrative in this game. I thought you guys did a great job maintaining a good balance between being disorienting while still able to find my way around. The voice acting and 3D modeling  was spot on in this game. One minor flaw is the moment before interacting with the TV, its a bit too dark to see where to go. Overall, well done and I don't see too many horror games from Isart Digital but I would love to see more.
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kiki baltazar


This was a wonderful experience full of spooky surprises. I was drawn in by the story and often found the scares very effective. Great job!

Great scary horror game, i loved it! gg dev

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