A downloadable game for Windows

Graduation Video Game 
School : ISART DIGITAL, the Video Game and 3D Animation / VFX School

In Intertwined, you will be invited on a first person journey across beautifully crafted visual and musical landscapes. You will have to climb your way through the environment using every parkour skills your character has to offer... But also discover every secret of the mysterious dormant village you've stumbled upon !

Platform : PC 
Engine : Unity  
Number of players : 1 

Projet de fin d'études
Ecole : ISART DIGITAL, l'école du jeu vidéo et de l'animation 3D-FX

Avec Intertwined, embarquez dans un voyage à la première personne dans lequel vous parcourrez des paysages visuels et musicaux élaborés avec soin. Vous devrez vous frayer un chemin à travers votre environnement en utilisant judicieusement toutes les capacités de parkour que possède votre personnage... Mais vous devrez également découvrir tous les secrets du mystérieux village abandonné qui se dresse sur votre route !

Producer : Hadrien MAIRE
Game Design : Aymeric BROSSARD, Julien PESSINA
Game Art : Diane KOEU, Julie MIZREH, Caroline PIERROT 
Game Programming : Dorian GRANDRY, Djack D. DONOVAN
Music & Sound Design : Corentin BRASART


Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(53 total ratings)


Intertwined_setup.exe 413 MB


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Random Scuffed Games #98


Vorgeschlagen von: Beatdown_TV

Free to play Mirror's Edge? Feier ich sehr. Das ist in gut 20-30 min absolvierbar allerdings gibt es "Collectibles"  welche ich auch nach über einer Stunde Spielzeit nicht komplett sammeln konnte. Wenn diese auch noch etwas bewirken (freischaltbares, alternatives Ende etc.) dann ist das Spiel in meinen Augen wirklich eine 5/5

Die Musik und die Grafik ist großartig auch wenn die "Story" nicht wirklich vorhanden ist. Braucht das Spiel auch nicht, da sich einfach alles gut und richtig wie in einem Urlaub in einem kleinem Dorf am Strand anfühlt. Die Spielmechaniken haben auch erstaunlich gut funktioniert und man konnte das Spiel so einige male austricksen (Reverse Run) aber dennoch wurden alle exploits wirklich gut geflickt.


Dito: 4.9/5

Chat: 4.55/5

Gesamt: 4.73/5

Itch recommended this game to me just now. It looks great!

From the videos of the gameplay I can see how it captures the same feelings I remember from the late Myst games.

If you still have the source files somewhere, do you think it might be possible to release a Linux version?

Really fun little experience, would love to play a longer version of this, it would be so cool! Great atmosphere and vibe to the whole project :) 
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hi....  very beatiful and fun game

...  is there any way to customize the fov??...  i feel it very zoomed and get sick

maybe some tweak to the engine? (what engine?)

Minimum specs?


My friend and I spent a couple days playing this game and trying to beat it as fast as possible. We found a lot of crazy glitches, and that made it even more fun (we even found several oobs, and can just walk around the map to the end, but that's no fun). Here's a video of the speedrun without going oob



I’m one of the designers on the game , kudos on the speed run ! 

When we designed the game , having it possible to speedrun ( without glitches ) was one of our goals , and we love seeing it done ! 

Love the skips , and I might just try beating your time ;)

Btw , there’s an additional level to be found somewhere on the map if you have all the fish ! 

I recently remembered this game and was surprised to see a speedrun. I tried speedrunning it a year ago but didn't put much time or thought into it and never recorded a PB. I found you can slide under the boulders right before the first fish very reliably. Can't seem to reliably get the boat skip and the skip on the rising and lowering platforms now that I tried it again haha


Very impressed by not only the amazing enviroment, but also the character movements, I have nothing but positive things to say about this game! Keep up the amazing work and I hope you don't mind me adding my video to the pile! Feel free to watch if you want to see me geek out over this game! 

Thank you for sharing your playthrough, it was great to see you having so much fun playing our game !


Hey everybody, I'm the composer from the team who made Intertwined !

A quick message to tell you that Intertwined is nominated as "Best Student Project" in the Unity Game Awards !

If you're scrolling by this comment and enjoyed playing the game, it would mean a lot to us if you could vote for our gamehttps://awards.unity.com/#best-student-project


Nice game! So beautiful! Good work! :D


Encore un projet excellent des étudiants de l'ISART, n'est-ce pas ?
Hé bien c'est peut-être le premier, mais c'est pas la dernière reviews que je ferai sur tous ces projets, j'ai déjà ma petite sélection.
Mais comme il faut bien commencer quelque part, voici déjà ma petite review sur le jeu prometteur qu'est Intertwined !

Bravo à l'équipe qui a fait un boulot magnifique !


This game is pretty good and when you play, you feel a kind of magic about the world around you. Both beautiful and peaceful in almost every way... Almost. I did have a problem with some of the collision in the game on the first set of lily pads and when I tried to mantle up the side of a building. Sometimes it just wouldn't register the mantle and sometimes it would just push me through the object or to the side of the object I was trying to mantle over. Other than that, the game was pretty awesome to play. I did a video on the game and reviewed it in more detail at the end so enjoy. Hope to hear your thoughts on my experience and feel free to share if you like. 

This would make an awesome VR movie


This game is some kind of magical. Played it on a whim when I wasn't feeling well, and it made everything better for a little while. 


Loved how colourful this game was. Thank you for making it.

jeux ben mes arive pas a telegarger


needs some serious optimization other than that youve got a solid game

Hello ! Thanks for the kind words :) 

In terms of optimization you can already reduce some of the graphics settings in the options menu :) cheers ! 


Hello. Firstly I would like to say thank you for such a colourful and peaceful game. For that aspect I absolutely loved it. Unfortunately I didnt get on with the controls and with my adjustments I just made it worse, haha. I made a let's play if you would be interested in watching it.

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i cant beleve its free


I feel so happy when i saw this game it blow my mind it was super fun i cant get my eye off of im downloading it right now


Really fun and interesting game. What i loved most was the music and water sound. It's amazing that this game is free, when you see a lot more "games" that charges you for a lot less experience.

I have 1 suggestion: Make invisible walls, specially at the end: at the left side of that bench you can climb a short stone, and from there go to anywhere of the game, reaching places you don't supose to be there.

Also i have 1 question: I got every fish and 100% completed, but the end was the same as my first playtrough. Is there something new when you have those things?


Hello , glad you enjoyed it! 

Once you get all fish there is a secret to be found! 


Thanks for the kind words !

There is indeed a very (VERY) cool secret to be found, when you find all the fish and 100% the game, don't let it end and try to trace back your steps, a long long way back...

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I figured it after a 3rd run (i have a bad habit of finding glitches in games xD). Thanks for the tips anyway, now i know the RIGHT way of doing it.

EDIT: After "you know what" the game closed itself.  Is that normal?

yes it is :) good job finding it !


LOve It


This is a beautiful game. Short, but still worth a play.


It was very beautiful and straight forward, tho a bit short, I'd love to see more done to it with more aspects done to it.

I was unable to progress past the tutorial, it would go up till shift then no further instructions would play, i tried using both shifts and ran for awhile but nothing else happened

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Hi !

In the cave you have to activate some elements to open the way ;)

Team Intertwined


A beautiful game : )

It won't open for me ;-; it says that it can't run on my pc. help. I waited for 5 hours, and I really wanna play it ; - ;

hello, what error message are you having exactly ? A screenshot would be the best !


Really interesting and cool art style! Great work guys!!


Gave it a go...

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Intertwined is such a well made game. Interesting gameplay, good music choice and wonderful looking. You can feel the high quality of this game and I'm sure we'll can see more good games from this group. 

As a parkour game its good. The controls or at least with a xbox controller, feels a bit stiff at times, but isn't something that will ruin the gameplay. The changes in the world while running forward is a nice touch and makes it more beautiful to look at. It's well made games like these that makes me wish they weren't so short. 


it looks cool


Intertwined is by far one of my favorite Parkour games! The scenery is absolutely beautiful, and the soundtrack pulls everything together! I had an amazing time playing Intertwined on my channel, be sure to check out my video on it! Can't wait to see more from you! Amazing job!  


I included Intertwined in most recent video! What a great game! Very well presented! :D

 Come see the beauty of Intertwined 

Intertwined is the first game of this video

Thank you! :D


check out my gameplay if you would like? :D


Very nice appearance! It remembers me Mirrors Edge a bit, but it's all surrounded with magic! :)


I LOVE THIS GAME! it is a combination of parkour and puzzle games!. just like when me and my friends used to play minecraft parkour together.

The game was really laggy for me. At the very start, I thought it was frozen because nothing was happening except for the starting animation. Then it slowly transitioned to black for about 10-20 seconds and when I finally get to move around, it has to load for 2 seconds before anything happens. This game has amazing visuals, but for me it took to long to process things. 



You can try reducing the graphics settings from the start menu, especially the grass and it might help!

Hope that does it 


really cool game!! so jumps were a little too much for me but i really liked the puzzle nature of it all! really neat!


So beautiful!

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