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Graduation Video Game
School : ISART DIGITAL, the Video Game and 3D Animation / VFX School

"Insanity", a third-person survival horror game, on the theme of madness.
After brain surgery, the main character discovers his ability to possess other people, at the risk of slipping into mad nightmares. Physically weakened,
he tries to escape from the secret scientific lab he's being detained in.

Platform: PC / Engine: Unreal Engine 4
Number of players: 1

Producer : Etienne SENSIER
Game Design : Vianney LE SAUX and Maxime ORA
Game Art : Alix LE TRIVIDIC, Clotilde MOUSSIER, Didier NGUYEN and Kevin STHOER
Game Programming : François-Xavier DUBOC
Game Design & Programming : Federico GIACOMINI
Music & Sound Design : Lesly VERDEROSA


Rated 4.2 out of 5 stars
(10 total ratings)


Insanity 882 MB

Install instructions

  • Download the complete game folder on your computer
  • Launch Insanity.exe in Insanity/Binaries/win64/

If the download doesn't work, check the pop-up


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Amazing!! Great game with a great story! Cant wait to see more horror games from you because you have too much talent.

Here is a gameplay (Spanish). Hope you like it.

Love the concept and the story. The game looks great.  Nice work.

Insanity is a game that shows a well thought out concept in a rather spooky atmosphere. While is stutters at certain points like voice acting and controls, it still has enough too it to make it fun to play.

This is...INSANITY :D

The monster you created is amazing! Do you guys have a name for it or any art that displays it because it is so cool! I really enjoyed seeing it in game

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Hi there! The team used to call it "The masked creature" but the artist who created it called the monster "Swarm Creature". For more information please follow us on our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/InsanityTheGame/
or check out the artist's artwork on the creature here: Here

Woah, thanks. I hope to see more in the future soon. :)

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This looks really like a good game! I hope you don't take it the wrong way either but I just want to say out that the controls aren't very clear. I tried to play this game a few times and even tried to put my controller in to see if that was the issue and just find the keyboard controls to be unclear. I want to play this so much! Could you maybe put a game page on the menu or just on this page saying what controls to use and what they are? ( If they are actually on the menu screen or another site then I apologize )

Hello there! We are happy to know that you tried our game out! There is a tutorial at the beginning of the game displayed on posters on the left side of Hermann's bed. THere are also quick tips you can catch while the game is loading (between each zones). It is best to play with an Xbox controller as the tutorial shows Xbox controller buttons however if you wish to play with a keyboard and mouse it is simple: Left Ctrl to crouch, W,A,S,D, to move, A to change camera, E to interact/punch. Right click to zoom, Left click to possess (you have to hold Right click in order to zoom then possess someone). That's about it! Make sure you have the right version of the game (redownload it) because we updated it so you guys can have a smoother experience. Tell us if it works! :)

Hello everyone! The team behind Insanity has made an 8 minutes gameplay video for you guys, we hope you enjoy our game! (Potential spoilers ahead!)



Awesome game, wish it was longer!

Thank you!

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Pretty good game - wish it was longer!


Hi! I wanted to play this but every time I hit download, the recommended games pop up but the download never starts.


Hey there annabelle, I had this problem too, all you have to do is turn off pop up blocker for that specific download :) and it should let you!

That worked, thanks!

Interesting concept! Very cool how the controls are hidden in posters :D

But the restart time makes it too hard to learn the mechanics unfortunately.

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Thanks a lot!
We couldn't find the time to include a "Skip" button; we're sorry and we hope you still enjoy the game. :)

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Hey, I'm interested in playing your game however I need to know how I can change the resolution of the game as I plan to make YouTube content on it. Can you tell me how I can go about doing that? :)

Here's my YouTube channel by the way if you're interested. :) > www.youtube.com/c/Dynamont

Thanks for reading! :)

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Hello there!
We didn't include options to change the screen resolution unfortunately however you can change the graphic settings to high in the main menu. Also you can press Alt + Enter to go Full Screen.
We hope you enjoy our game and we can't wait for you to upload your playthrough on Youtube, keep us updated! ;)


Hey guys, was just wondering what the key on the keyboard is used to possess people, or is it just controller based? The zoom works with the right mouse click is why I'm asking

Hey! Thanks for playing our game.
You have to hold down the left mouse button while zooming in/out on an enemy in order to control/possess it! Good luck!

Awesome thanks!