A downloadable game for Windows

Graduation Video Game  
School : ISART DIGITAL, the Video Game and 3D Animation / VFX School

Use the power of the 3 archons to ascend the Erstwhile Tower. Make quick, tactical decisions to convoy the magic substance that will restore the natural flow of time. All while avoiding traps to the tempo of a ticking clock.

Platform : PC / Tablet
Engine : Unity
Number of players : 1
Genre : Tactical 

Producer : Jean-Philippe PROVOST
Fx Artist & Animator & Lead Artist : Jordan BAUQUIER 
Artiste environement : Jonathan RIOPEL 
Game design & Level design : Guillaume THEORET
Technical GD : Raphael BELAN-RENAUD 
Lead Level Designer : Matthew DEL FONDO 
Game Designer : Pamela THEBERGE DE GRANDPRE



Erstwhile Tower 683 MB


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At the beginning it is a little complicated to understand what the player have too do, but later it makes even more fun.


The ideas here seem pretty cool and the art, story and sound are fantastic, but the game does not take enough time to explain the mechanics in an accessible way, especially the turn structure. Because of this I was floundering with trial an error trying to understand the movement, abilities, environmental hazards and core loop all while a clock was ticking down and being punished for it. I'm sure with some time my understanding will grow, but it was not a pleasant start.

Thanks for the feedback, that means a lot for us !

We will try to work these things out for next month’s update.