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Graduation Video Game 
School : ISART DIGITAL, the Video Game and 3D Animation / VFX School

A group of adventurous children is exploring a manor said to be haunted, when one of them is captured! With some friends, progress through the strange manor by solving puzzles.... Cooperate with the rest of the group and find the member who has been kidnapped.

Platform : Mobile/tablet 
Engine : Unity 
Number of players : 4

Producer : Pierre-André COUTANT
Game Design :  Léo ANDRIANARISOA, Damien CHATTON
Game Art : Noémie ARDOUIN, Baudouin MARECHAL, Benjamin ODONNE
Game Design & Programming : Léonard SCHAEFFER, Laurent DEBIEN
Music & Sound Design : Sadi WASSEL


ChildrensMystery.zip 133 MB

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