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Graduation Video Game
School : ISART DIGITAL, the Video Game and 3D Animation / VFX School

In Astrelia, you play as the last guardian statue of the sacred temple. The lord of darkness, Ogima, has seized the evil sword; and only you can stop him. Freeze yourself to escape his influence and sneak past his minions to get into the temple.

Platform : PC/ Engine : Unreal engine 4
Number of players : 1

Producer : Johan HENRION
Game Design : Benjamin MIZRAHI, Benjamin RAMAUGE
Game Art : Lorenz SOSTER, Clotilde MOUSSIER, Camille HOARAU, Camille GOUDIN
Game Programming : Alexandre RAMCHURN
Game Design & Programming : Rémy PENET, Jordan PEREIRA-RAMOS
Music & Sound Design : Julien LAGUERRE

Published Jul 31, 2017

Install instructions

  • Download and Install the game folder
  • Launch "Astrelia.exe"


Astrelia.zip 697 MB


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Ce jeu est dans la sélection des titres présentés par Game Side Story. Enjoy ! :)

Another great game, had a blast playing, I really enjoyed it! I rock with ISART to the grave! haha, Colors, graphics, as well as control Flexibility already excellent things in my book! if you want a great gaming experience, check it out!