A downloadable game for Windows

Graduation Video Game
School : ISART DIGITAL, the Video Game and 3D Animation / VFX School.

The people of the lunar planet have disappeared! Embody Astreia, a being of light from the solar planet, and try to find them. By opening portals between these two worlds, explore the abandoned living city, but be aware, it will not let you pass so easily….

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/astreiasgift
Twitter : https://twitter.com/AstreiasGift (@AstreiasGift)
Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/astreiasgift/ (@astreiasgift)
Soundcloud : https://soundcloud.com/user-291249965
Website : http://astreias-gift.com/

Platform: PC
Engine: Unreal
Number of player: 1
Genre: Puzzle Adventure

Producer: Hervé BLANCHOT & Femy NASSIROU
Game Art: Alexis CHAUDOUET, Pierre GEORGET & Gaoge REN
Game Design: Nicolas GIRAUDET, Laurène JECHOUX & Margot PELLOQUET
Game Design & Programming: Caitlin BALTUS & Yannis BERKANE
Game Programming: Marius BEAUDOIN, Lucas SCIALOM & Philippe YI
Music & Sound Design: Achille MURAT

Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(12 total ratings)


Astreia's Gift.exe 307 MB
Build_Release_Note_PC_Astreia.pdf 565 kB

Install instructions

  1. Launch Astreia.exe
  2. Follow the installation steps


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Doesn't work. I really wanted to play. So sad. Says to press A and it doesn't respond. Nothing does.

This game was a very good concept! I liked it a lot for what it is and I certainly would like to see more/a complete game. I think my biggest critique I have is that the story seems a bit disconnected from the game play itself. But that isn't a big thing. I noticed that sometimes the lanterns would get stuck in the ground or to each other as well, so that became a bit of a struggle at some point. Nice game all around though!

can not agree more,  it would be great for a complete version. wonderful game.

ITS JUST BEAUTIFUL!! The 2D character into the 3D space choking me and I dont know if is something like me, but the world is just BEAUTIFUL and the idea of the puzzles is very original. By the waI have some problems and "things" to point to. When I press Start the game doesnt pause, all the game still running in the background, and the "jump" and "climb" movements are a little confused and glitchy, I suppose is the 2D hitbox character. Finally, I cant jump 2 times in a row, is needed to stop and move again to jump a second time and is annoying. 

if this whoud release as a full game how much whoud it cost. (sorry for bad language) :)

I'm trying to run this, but it keeps telling me I'm missing dlls. I find and download the one it tells me is missing, and then when I try to run it, it says a different one is missing. Will this even run on Win 7?

Hi Boscoe. We're sorry, our game can be played on Win 10. Please check the build release note to see the minimum requirements.

Ok , build release notes  says "Win 7 +" :P

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The game looks amazing and I love the game style however it crashes whenever I try to play it

Hi Tamtacs. We're sorry you can't play our game, but we don't know why you have these problems. Do you reach the minimum requirements?

This is such a lovely demo! Everything is so pretty and I really love the design and concept! 

I'm really excited to see the full game when it's ready ☺️

I really liked this game, it has a great concept. The art style also is really amazing!

Thnk you very much for your comments

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Hi Tsukuru. Thank you for your video and your comment. We hope you liked our game

How can i play with a keyboard?

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Hi, sorry, the game is made to be played with a controller. If you want to play with keyboard :

moving : Z, Q, S, D (AZERTY) or WASD (QWERTY)

using ring : mouse left button

grabbing : mouse right button

menu : ENTER

select : SPACE

I hope it will help you.

thank you

Nice puzzles, the animations and climbing aren't very smooth.

why there's no button to quit the game lol

Hi, thx for your feedbacks. We'll try to make animations smoother, and there is no button to quit the game because the game is initially developed for Nintendo Switch, we are sorry for that.

I've played a few Isart Digital games now, and they make some good students. Astreia's Gift was a great time, both in visuals and gameplay, and while the protag's movements may have been limited, I liked her enthusiasm as she had fun doing everything with a joyous "woohoo!"

Good job, devs. I hope the completed game turns out just as well.

Hi. Thx for your video and your comments. In fact, this graduation project has been developed on the Switch, but as it's not validated by Nintendo, you can't play it on Switch, that's why we made it on windows too, so players can test it. But the game is the same

Hello I have a problem, why do my PC say that if i start this game after downloading it, i will get a virus?


Hello. Sorry, I don't know, you're the first one to report this problem. All games on itch.io are virus free, and all games from ISART school too, so you can trust this game.

I'm not a fan of puzzle games in general but since I wanted to try something different for my gameplays ,  I decided to give this game a go. Tbh im not disappointed at all but quite the contrary, the concept is quite interesting to me and it really set up my expectation for other puzzle-esque games. Enjoyed my play, would love to play it once it has fully released :DD

Hi Shardien. Thank you very much for your video and your comments. We hope we'll release a full game in a few months, please, stay tuned on our insta or twitter page to have news.

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Thx :-)

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This game is so beautiful in every aspect. I can't wait to play this game in the full release. Congrats, guys.

Thx for your comments and your video. Please follow us on twitter or insta to have news about our game.

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great game. only grabbing on to platforms feels a little bit slow. realy want to see more of this


Hey, thx for your comments. We are thinking about changing a little the controls to make them better.

this was a great demo! i had to use a keyboard since my controller was missing, it was kinds tricky to get the controls right but i got used to it eventually. over all great game so far

Thx for your feedbacks. We're sorry for the keyboard, we didn't develop well these controls as we wanted our game to be played with a controller.

Congratulations ! Really Good!

Thx :-)

The game looks great and it plays solid as well. I kinda wish there was more in the demo. But other then that, game is solid.

Here's my channel for other games I have played. http://www.youtube.com/c/Levont

Hey Levont. Thx you so much for having played our game and for your comments. As it's a graduation project, it's quiet short, and we hope to develop it as a full game.

I loved this artwork! I'll play and back with some feedback and a lot stars :D Great work!

Thx, we look forward to your comments :-)



Congrats ! but Hervé should have stressed on pyrotechnic effects ;-) !

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Thx Michel. If we develop a full game, we'll have enough time for it. But FX are made by artists ;-)