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the game is really cool, but the pc version sometimes glitches in between the shadow form and the normal form of the protagonist.

Hi, cant install with itch client.
Error: zip: unsupported compression algorithm

I started up the game and after about 2 mins of gameplay it caused my PC to crash i can post a link to the crash report file which i saved to google docs

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hi. i keep trying to unpack the zip but it keeps saying the file is "invalid". this game looks amazing and i would love some help figuring out how to unpack the file if you have the time

i really wanna play it too. it looks beautiful and outstanding. ;n;

For some reason, I can't download it... and I'm not getting any pop-ups...


Hello !

Try to download it here !

Wow, Thank you!

Are all of these titles yours? I think I'll be set for a while on games now...

You're welcome !

Isart Digital is the school were all theses games wera made (they are graduation projects).

Each games have their own team, feel free to test them out ;)

You might want to put that link in the description, because I also can't install the game with the app, or download it in the browser.

Hello, we reached to work on the problem, it's now fixed ;)

Great game! Really reminded me of Soul Reaver for PS1 :D

Stay rad everybody!!

Thanks for this video ! :)

Absolutely had a blast with the game! The story was solid to give me a sense of purpose and it kept introducing enough interesting mechanics all the way till the end to made sure it didn't get repetitive:)

Thank you for making this game!

Thanks, happy you liked it !

its not downloading, when i click the download button it has a little popup thing that says thanks for downloading, the game will start downloading momentarily, but it never does :(

Hello !

Try to download it here !

I'm not able to start the programm. It says that api-ms-win-crt-runtime-l1-1-0.dll is missing on my computer. Can anybody help me?

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It seems to be a problem with windows, try the solution suggested here :

Very fun and pretty! Creative and unique style and controls. I would love to see this develop into a full game.

Couple of bugs and things to work out. About 18 minutes into the first video I got stuck climbing the statue, had to restart the whole level. Happened more than once. Also the dogs are kind of inconsistent. Sometimes they'll bark from far away, and not move. Sometimes they move really slowly. Touching them out of the shadows seemed to kill me for some reason. Also not sure why I can't kill the dogs.

There is a loading screen tip that says "Shadow walking near civilians will cause them to cough, attracting nearby guards attention." but that seemed to simply not be the case, I'm afraid. A couple times the camera skewed off wildly and was a pain to reset (mostly only during wall running).

Thanks for playing !

To be honest, we were out of time when we had to deliver the game to our school :/

These are fair points, we're working on it !


Best of luck! Looking forward to hearing more about this game in the future :]

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invert axis not correct work

normal statу - invert only axis Y

shadow state - invert X and Y :D

yes, i play all games with invert Y :D

where is config files?

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It seems to be a bug, we're working on it !

I enjoyed this a lot, the game's short but keeps coming up with cool ways of using the gameplay mechanics, including some very frantic sections in the final level! I liked having to make a choice at the end too. (Full playthrough in video above)

Thanks for this good video ! :)

Just made a video on this and thought it was great. The graphics and gameplay is really good and I loved the stealth aspect of the game. The tutorial text as you explore the level was a great touch much better than reading a wall of text :) shadowalker gameplay

Hello, thanks for playing !
Your video seems to be set to private, we can't see it :/

Oops for some reason youtube didn't save my settings correctly it should be public now.

Very cool but lack of clear lines and savepoint distance make it very annoying to learn by failure.

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To make a save point, you have to kill guards (people that make light), it also turns their light off and make it easier to pass :)
Unfortunately in the video you tried to bypass the guard (at 2:40) which we didn't know was possible.
With that, it should be better, we invite you to try again :)
Thank you for playing !