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can't download the game, it fails.


I recommend you to try another browser, works fine for me! (Opera 76.0.4017.177)

It would be nice if you can skip the intro. Because I had to close the game because it crashed when I opened the options.
It's a shame that being for PC it doesn't allow you to play with a keyboard. The truth is that it seems very good but I have no possibility to play it because I do not have an xbox joystick. The idea of the game seems very good but I cannot give opinions without playing it.

I was one of the developers of the game.

Truth is, there should have been a keyboard control in the original version of the game. However, you must understand we were on a time trial, as this game was our last year project. We just didn't had the time to implement a good keyboard control.

I hope you enjoyed the game nonetheless!

I was able to play the game two years later with a new joystick haha and the truth is that the game is spectacular. Maybe the ending doesn't convince me so much. Are there different endings? Are you still united as a group developing other videogames? Because I would like to see your future projects.

very amazing game but what should I do in the first part of the game when it tells me to press (y) which is (E) in the keyboard something green appears but i didnt figure it out ? 

Great, i love the time travel concept.
The  movement, camera and timetrevel portals need a bit optimizing.
Performance on i5 3470 and RX 550 is not good and i dont like the motion blur effect at the camera movement. But the game is cool.
Thank you!

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I was one of the developers of the game.

I agree with you, the portal and time travel mechanism could have been a little more polished and optimized...
You must understand however that we were pretty much on a Time Trial back then. We had roughly 8/10 months to do the entire game.
We would have loved to polish this part, but we couldn't, there was so many things to do...

I'm happy to hear you liked the game nonetheless!

So glad to finally try this out! The art, sound and overall level design is astounding! However the gameplay can be a little frustrating since it's pretty darn hard to see what you're time traveling into. But still a great time overall!

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I was one of the developers of this game.
Thank you for your appreciation of the Sound and Level design!

I understand the portal mechanism could be a little frustrating. It was a real challenge!
We would have loved to polish it, however there was so many things to do, we couldn't. 

I'm glad you enjoyed the game though!

I've been checking on this every day since it was posted, any news?

I was one of the developers of this game.
While I really appreciate you waiting for new updates, there will be no more.
This game was a Last Year Project, and thus development stopped at June 2019.

Thank you again for your enthusiasm :)

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The trailer looks fantastic and the expectation is increasing.
I hope the download will be available soon.

you guys are so goooooood

Thank you :)

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love your games. anxiously waiting to play NIX!!! please make it available on android also.

I was one of the developers on this game.
Unfortunately, this game was a Last Year Project, meaning you can expect no further development. So no Android Support :(

Thank you again for your enthusiasm!