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umm hi im wondering can i play with PS3 gamepad or with keyboard but not to show xbox controls?i didnt download cuz idk anything about that but i need to pls answer thank you.

usually can...but if it's not detected, try a 3rd party for analog detection. but usually ps3 gamepad suffice to any game on p


Gave it a go...


I am using the keyboard controls, and I saw that on the controller rt is run. What is the run button on the keyboard?

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I played this game in the past but i totally forgot to post a comment at that time XD LOL XD, nice job devs :)

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Amazing & very well made indie game!!I'm really glad that i stumbled upon it :)
Here is my Let's Play:

Really enjoyed the art style of this...reminded me a lot of the Disney film Ratatouille. The "bad guys" were pretty cool looking (with their glowing eyes) nice job!!!


Hi justjeremy,

Thanks for the video and for the compliment about the game :)

Thank you very much for making this game. I loved the way it looked, and how tense I felt while trying to escape. I'm not a parent, but it showed a lot what a parent will do to protect their child. Excellent game! I hope to see more from you guys! Thanks again! :)

Thank you RockTheGolem for your video. We are pleased that you liked it !

And good continuation for your youtube channel ;)

Just finished this cute short! I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT!! It almost made me cry at the end, lol. I really hope you guys consider making a full game out of this, I would totally buy! Cheers =)

Thank you FuzzySparklez !

We also hope to make a full game. For the moment we will improve it so that the user has a better experience.


My name is Blitz, and I am a YouTube Let's Player. You can find me and my channel here:

I would love to play Lily on my channel, if that's allowed. If so, would you also allow me to make use of YouTube's Partner program and place ads on said video?



Hi Blitz,

Sorry for the late answer.
Of course we allow it ! We are so happy when new videos appear.
Be free to send us your video when its online :)

keep going it's a really good game

Thank you tpe !

I really wanted to play this game. I kept having issues with it loading very very slowly. then in the game play (I only got down the first street) for him to crouch down, he puts the kid down. now in order for me not to be seen, I need to crouch and walk. well I can't leave the kid there so why can't I crouch with the kid in my arms and walk? how is this possible? I gave up after 3 or 4 attempts bc the loading took for ever every time.

The Child will crouch and follow you when you set her down :P Have Fun

Hi Here4thePIZZA,

We know that this part of the game was difficult for somebody who did not want to let lily walk alone.
7heCh05en0ne told you the solution.
Hope you try it again to see what's next ;)

What a beautiful game and so poignant. For those caught up in war zones, war doesn't creep in bit by bit, it often just hits you immediately and the peaceful, happy place you once knew turns into a dark, terrifying nightmare. I made my choice at the end of the game and I don't know if it was the right one, but it's what I would have get my own daughter, who is 4 and very much like lilly, to safety. This game actually had an emotional effect on me, I can't imagine the fear I would feel if this was us in reality, and it's always a possibility.
Thankyou. What a wonderful game.

Hi Kairra,

Thank you for comment. We are very happy about this feedback.
It's really gratifying to know that our game affects so much a person.

How can I save the game? Because I have some problems and sometimes I can't hear music in game. Please help guys

Hello. Thank you for taking the time to play Lily.

The game saves automaticly. For the music try to change the settings and apply the modification ( even if the settings are already all mixed )

Okay, I have some problems with starting the game. So when I am at the start menu with the beautiful music, the moment I want to click on the start button, well first of all: I don't see my mouse and when I am out of the game, like on my second screen, suddenly the start button flickers. Any ideas? BTW I am jealous of the peepz who actually could experience this game without troubles. :)

We are really sorry for the inconvenience.

The game only controls with a joystick or a keyboard. The cursor doesn't work and maybe it's the source of the bug.
Try to launch the game and use only the keyboard (arrow keys and enter to validate) or a joystick when you are in the main menu.
Hope you'll be able to play the game :)

its not working at my computer, win10 :(

"lily.exe has sttoped working" when i try open

Sorry for the inconvenience. We're working on it, maybe your Graphic card is not powerful enough to make it work.

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Hi! Thank you for your kind words and great video.

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Such a beautiful rendition of what is actually horrifying, in general and as a parent. Sharing experiences like these is one of my favorite uses of the medium! Thanks for making it!

Thank you very much for your feedback. We are glad that the game has touched you so much.

the game doesnt start so i can play it, it says that i cant play, my windows is windows 10, why it isnt working?

Sorry for the inconvenience. We encountered many issues with our latest update. Try to launch the game as the administrator. If you have an error message click on "more details" and then on "run anyway". Hope that we helped you. If you still encounter a difficulty, please explain to us your error message.

heard such GREAT things about this game, downloaded it, opened it up, and found that there were no options for keyboard controls (Atleast not that i could find) very disapointed ):

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Sorry for the inconvenience. We just uploaded an another version of the game. You can play with your keyboard now. We hope you'll enjoy the game!

Charming little adventure and lovely visuals and ambiance. I've done a write up for Gaming Respawn at:

Thank you so much from all the team. Your article is amazing and we are glad that you enjoyed the game.

Thanks, you're welcome!


Sorry for the inconvenience. We are having some issues with the current link. Here is an another link where you can download the game:

link dead ? i can't download


can't download D:

I could not seem to download this game. When I clicked on the link, it took me to a page that could not be found. Any suggestions?

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Beautifully constructed little adventure. Great character design, environment design, and music. Amazing to think this came from a group of students!

Good luck on your future projects, I'm sure you'll do amazing things


Thank you for your kind words, and your great video!

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no keyboard ,very dumb ,thanks for the alienation


This game is beautiful and brilliant! Had some really intense moments for such a short game. I want MOAR!


Great video, thanks a lot for playing the game!


just some constructive feed back to improve your game :)

at the start when we meet the little girl, we don't really get any time to bond. us players want to feel like we're in the game. maybe spend 10-20 minutes showing us how close the two are, so when we have to protect the little girl it makes us feel we have a duty.

i feel the war was really rushed. one minute it was sunny and you were playing hide and seek, then the next the skies were grey and the streets were deadly?

also, what explains the ogre looking troops? some back story leading to this event would be great and make the player feel more involved.

other than that, the game looked beautiful and the main storyline is really good. i hope you don't take this comment negatively. :)


Hello, thank you for your feedbacks. The game was created in 9 months by our small team, so we really couldn't afford to make the game longer; That why there is a lot of temporal ellipsis. The "ogre" looking troop like you said is an artistic choice to demonstrate the incapacity of the player ton confront them, we would have love to put more backstory into the game but we had to make choices during our small window of production :)


well in that case, you guys did a really good job even under the circumstances you were in. one day if you decide to make something more professional don't forget what i said :)


I approve so much for this game!! Make a full fletched version pleeeease!!

Stay Rad Everybody!!

Thanks a lot, awesome video you made there!

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This game was so pretty amazing, I loved the story aspect AND I love the colors, so vibrant and spoke to me, I had TONS of fun playing this! great job ISART I really am glad you made this made me even happier playing it, Here is I know I didn't get the best ending but I think It was a good 2/3 with my choices XD after finding out your choices in the game make you have the final affliction.

This is my experience! Enjoy! :)


Thank you Siphon, what an awesome video you made! The game was made by a group of student (check out the credits). Isart digital is the name of our school :)

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rather shoot myself in the foot than try to play this poorly poorly poorly ported control game T_T 40 min n cant run, walk, crouch, random button keeps bringing me back to the menu and or skips scenes - props to those who got it working

As one of the devs mentioned to me in a video below, using a controller should resolve the controls. Apparently it's not really designed for keyboard use. Great game though :)

Indeed the game is not meant to be played on keyboard. You have to use a Xbox (or any PC compatible) controller to experience the game. many of the keys are actually debug shortcuts made to restart the scene, skip a scene etc.. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Really enjoyed this game, gameplay and story amazing!

Nice vid man! if you dont mind me asking, how do you have your video embedded as such on the site? like I put my link in but it is way different than Gamejolt it seems and just putting the link, wont show the video front XD

Paste your link, then hit enter. :)

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I did that but like are you suppose to put it in the links tab? or just copy and paste to the body here because XD I am confusing myself maybe haha

Just paste it in normal (not the link tab) then after you paste it, hit the enter button.

Yeah thats what I did, but like.. it just shows the link and not a video like yours when I click post comment, Im not sure if I am missing something else or something xD its weird!

Great video ! thanks for playing.


RIP game controls - pretty horrible so far. no other option to pick up items

The game is meant to be played with a Xbox (or any PC compatible) controller, not the keyboard. Sorry for the iconvenience.

Good night ISART DIGITAL: I was testing Lily the videogame and when I press "A" for go to left, the game return to the title screen it´s a kind of reset. And I can´t choose option in the main title screen. Is my computer or is a bug?Greetings from México

The game is meant to be played with a Xbox (or any PC compatible) controller, not the keyboard. The A key on your keyboard is actually a debug shortcut to restart a scene. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Good morning ISART DIGITAL: thank you very much for reply me

This is amazing! The passivity of both kid and parent allow for the player to build their own emotions. Thank you for sharing this beautiful little drama.

Dogs of course are a smart addition ;)

Thank you :)

Thank you for playing and the great let's play!