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Until they correct the link, you can find it here

Download still seems to be broken

download are broken :S

Hello everyone. The link doesn't work. Where can I download it?  rs: maybe someone knows where to find a link to the game from ISART DIGITAL Six Gun ? 

Hoy lo llegue a probar , y estuvo muy bueno , en un momento senti la sensacion de estar jugando el juego de alien , mas por la presion de la criatura , lo malo es que duro poco , pero se agradece mucho el esfuerzo que le han puesto . 

Phenomenal game! Somehow it reminded us on Bioshock and we liked it! Keep it up! 

Really awesome, make longer games!!!!

This was amazing, thankyou so much for making and sharing it! :)

Loved the look and the atmosphere. If this is a Graduation Video Game then you have a beautiful future in the game industry.

Good Job for the game !!


It would be great if you uploaded the game directly to, link will never go down, works great in app. Tell me if you need any help.

pretty good game, a little too short for me but enjoyable

i hope therw wil be more games like this

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- Un jeu de chez nous, bien réalisé. De très bonnes idées
- A great game with some creative ideas and concept

Visually interesting, I'll give it a try. Hope gameplay last more than 2 hours.

Super jeu ! On aimerait pouvoir continuer a voir ce que peut faire l'équipe. Ce niveau donne l’impression d’être un vrai court métrage du jeu vidéo.  

Je flippe au Congo !!! Katanga River Of Souls Découverte

Great game, but need more gameplay on 1-2 hours

3/5 stars the elevator attendant was SOOO lazy!
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Gave it a go...


This is a fantastic blend or horror, adventure, environmental storytelling an player agency, the visuals and sound are great and the gameplay experiments with some awesome ideas, well done!

guys! dam i love this game! high quality 3D/animation, beautiful, great atmosphere, unique ability got me surprised, great music, if i  forgot to mention something more just in case, I say I love all the work u made! just one thing..     I wanted to play more haha xD great work!

(let's play in japanese tho)