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Lo jugar y es un muy buen juego es un juegazo pero encontré unos bug de colisiones en muchos lugares pero no me molestaron al jugar al contrario dan ayudas para escapar de los obstáculos. 10/10


Franchement très bon jeu !!



Especially Switch.

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Finally I found something interesting

A really good student game. The game art is absolutely beautiful, and the game juice is amazing. A qualive alternative to basic run games. 

Badly, the game is too short, and it would be great to start the only level elsewhere than the tutorial, in order to get a better score to the level.

Félicitations !

Hi! Thank you so much
You have a level selection screen where you can choose at which level to start by clicking on the white arrows :) 

Good game 

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this game is wow! please make full version and version for console !


you should put a price on it.

this is a good game i love it.

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version rar?

Hey! The zip file is now available, sorry for the wait!

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ok :D