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hi! I downloaded this game for PC but couldn't figure out the controls besides movement and Pause :( can you please tell where can I find them?

Can you make a mac version of the game?

It is prety awesome I really liked It's kinda buggy in the animations but still...the camera sometimes can be an issue because It gets stuck. The art great, the music great the voice actor...can be better but good. I don't know If it needs to be optimize because I played It under 30FPS and i don't feel is like a heavy game in anyway still I wanted to play It and I did in like 25FPS at 720p. 
Keep It going with the great job.


Hey ! Thank you very much for your feedback !

It has a lot of issues we're aware of and I'm really glad that despite that you enjoyed the game even a little !  

Thanks a lot for all the kind words <3 ! 

The story leaves you with questions. The puzzles were good but I did have some issues though, with not being able to grab boxes, and I think the checkpoint in the swamp is bugged (cause to me it went into an endless death/spawn loop). Still got to finish it. :)

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Thank you so much man !

Your commented playthrough is  so cool to watch ! I hope that despite all the bugs you encountered you enjoyed the game :/

Big kiss from all the team ! Antoine, GD

Oh, I did enjoy it. I think Fade's protagonist may be depressed though. :) 

This was pretty impressive! The mechanics and tutorials felt really natural and the puzzles had a fantastic progression to them! The story was interesting, but not perfectly integrated, and the music and art were gorgeous! Save for a few iffy animations, mostly due the speed of them, this was just downright awesome! More detailed thoughts at the end of the vid, great work!

Thank you sir !

Your playthrough and your analyses are so cool ! It's a nice video you made there ! Thank you so much :D 

Keep making videos of games, you're damn good at it. 

Big kiss from the team ! Antoine, GD

what is the requirement of this game? this looks awesome

Hello !

The game runs on Windows and can be played with your Keyboard/mouse but we recommand playing it with a in hand Controller.

You don't actualy need a good computer to play this but the ingame world is pretty huge and you might encounter some performance drop  if you play on a machine that's not really powerfull. Give it a try :D !

Antoine, GD