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i stack on the first always not reponding :(

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i can play it on english?

i cant even play the tutorial or online with my friend

cant download


me and my brother cant play together if someone now please say it.

Interesting looking game, a friend and I are wanting to test it, but the controls are wonky on pc and I tried a controller but the cursor stayed sky high and I could only move left and right. could the developer give me some notice on how we can adjust controls and such for keybindings atleast.

The Game It So Good

It doesn't seem like I can download the game. :(


anybody wanna do a game?


where do you find the ip address of the host

Doesnt work at my PC either....

I couldn't download this game but then i saw in the top right of screen in search bar a rectangle with a X. you need to click on it then you need to allow pop ups


Download not working. Is there a mirror?


Weird...tried again an hour later and success.

If anyone's interested, the download size is 356 MB.