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Ce jeu est dans la sélection des titres présentés par Game Side Story. Enjoy ! :)

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A really good game ! The concept is really cool and the characters are awesome. Big fun with this game. I really want more of it ^^ 

This was amazing! I wish there was more, this was a world that I wanted to just explore. The story was sparse, but enough that you could grasp what was going on, and the art style was brilliant! I look forward to more from you guys in the future!

This game was absolutely gorgeous and that ending, just omg! Super emotional, and the puzzles were all great little brainteasers that just added an extra element to the game that I really enjoyed. I did make a gameplay video on my small gaming channel and it would really mean a lot if you had the time to check it out. Thank you for creating such an outstanding game! 

Outstanding game! I came here wanting to tip you some money for it, but doesn't seem to be a way.

Only one small complaint - lack of accurate control info for PC.

I think you could definitely expand this into a fully-fledged release. Well done!

I loved this game so much! It had all the emotions and was so well made.  I cant wait for the full release!


Great work you made people! Loved the atmosphere, the feels, the puzzle mechanics and the addition of the robot-must-help-everyone twist, which adds much more depth and work on the puzzle solving. I suppose the director of the game had a huge break-up with his or her partner? :D Nonetheless it has been a wonderful experience and a pleasure to play.

I made a video playing it:

if you want to check, best of luck in  making the full release, I'd be glad to play more of it, cheers!

I liked it ^^ It got really deep, really fast though T_T Left me with feels for the whole day

I also made a let's play of your game. Hope it helps!

Really really did enjoy this one! Though it seems like I passed one of the puzzles by accidentely glitching the game :D But other than that! Visually superb and super cutesy!! <3

Stay Rad Everybody!!

Really nice work, lots of character to the world. I hope the developers got top grades for it. :)


This is seriously good! It reminded me a lot of the likes of Limbo and Inside, but with the added flair of a Big Hero 6 type robot joining you on the journey. Seriously fantastic!

Link for those that want a laugh -