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This game was absolutely gorgeous and that ending, just omg! Super emotional, and the puzzles were all great little brainteasers that just added an extra element to the game that I really enjoyed. I did make a gameplay video on my small gaming channel and it would really mean a lot if you had the time to check it out. Thank you for creating such an outstanding game! 

Outstanding game! I came here wanting to tip you some money for it, but doesn't seem to be a way.

Only one small complaint - lack of accurate control info for PC.

I think you could definitely expand this into a fully-fledged release. Well done!

I loved this game so much! It had all the emotions and was so well made.  I cant wait for the full release!


Great work you made people! Loved the atmosphere, the feels, the puzzle mechanics and the addition of the robot-must-help-everyone twist, which adds much more depth and work on the puzzle solving. I suppose the director of the game had a huge break-up with his or her partner? :D Nonetheless it has been a wonderful experience and a pleasure to play.

I made a video playing it:

if you want to check, best of luck in  making the full release, I'd be glad to play more of it, cheers!

I liked it ^^ It got really deep, really fast though T_T Left me with feels for the whole day

I also made a let's play of your game. Hope it helps!

Really really did enjoy this one! Though it seems like I passed one of the puzzles by accidentely glitching the game :D But other than that! Visually superb and super cutesy!! <3

Stay Rad Everybody!!

Really nice work, lots of character to the world. I hope the developers got top grades for it. :)


This is seriously good! It reminded me a lot of the likes of Limbo and Inside, but with the added flair of a Big Hero 6 type robot joining you on the journey. Seriously fantastic!

Link for those that want a laugh -